Mrs Tee
Meet Mrs Tee
Widely acknowledged as the world’s foremost authority on edible wild mushrooms, Brigitte Tee has been supplying wild and cultivated fungi to the country’s leading chefs from her base in Lymington, Hampshire, for more than 35 years. Backed by unrivalled knowledge and expertise, Mrs Tee is the only licence holder entitled to pick and sell the many diverse wild mushrooms that grow in the New Forest where she is based, offering chefs a selection of unique, quality, seasonal produce, including the highly regarded and sought-after New Forest Cep.
Years of study, identification, research and worldwide travel has enabled Brigitte to recognise every single one of the major edible varieties of wild mushrooms, and fully understand the optimum growing conditions of each, including their symbiotic relationships to the surrounding flora and fauna. Brigitte can successfully forecast potential worldwide harvests enabling her to help chefs plan their seasonal menus.